Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Product & Price

New Promotion!!

Choc. Marble Cheese Cake

Only RM40 for 1kg ++

PLAIN CUPCAKES (minimum order must be at least 50pcs)

ONLY available in:
*Paper cup (size 9)
**Souffle Cup S only (S = 2oz, 3cm height, 5cm width)

Butter & Choc Moist only

Paper Cup : RM0.70/pc
Souffle Cup : RM1.00/pc

* additional 10cents for packing in loose plastic
** additional 20cents for packing in round casing
*** add RM5 every 50pcs for dressing - choc. chip/choc. rise/almond nips


ONLY available in Souffle Cup size :

(photo courtesy of AIMI/JUE)


Butter Chocolate Moist (most famous)
Butter Vanilla


Buttercream (simple deco only)

Chocolate Ganache

Fondant (simple design only)


S size

6 pcs @ RM12 (subject to availability - add RM3 upon request for special deco)
16 pcs @ RM28
25 pcs @ RM38
36 pcs @ RM48

M size

16 pcs @ RM35
25 pcs @ RM45

* add RM5 (16pcs/25pcs) & RM10 (36pcs) for topping with chocolate ganache

** add price for deco with fondant/sugarpaste

***add RM5 for cartoon drawing / any special drawing

****add 30 cents/pcs for individual pack (dome casing). Example below:

(recommended cup size inside : M / S)

(photo courtesy of JUE)

*for edible image, please place your order 1 month in advance

**add RM2 (S size) & RM2.50 (M size) for each edible image on cupcakes

***add RM5 for cupcakes in SPECIAL BOX . Example below:

available for 16pcs & 25pcs only (suit for S/M size)

* add RM5 for engagement/wedding cupcakes

** for the individual quotation, please email me at sitinoraini73@yahoo.com

note : price may subject to change from time to time


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